Why 23andMe?

Join 23andMe and learn about the true you. Dig into your biological roots and discover new and exciting things about you.

What it does

Go beyond what you know and find out what your 23 chromosomes of DNA say about your health, traits and ancestry.


For your convenience, 23andMe’s Genetic services are FDA-approved and follow its standards.

Genetic health risks

Learn about the traits and medical conditions you are susceptible to get. This will help you take precautions to prevent them.


Your DNA can determine what groups and tribes’ you ancestors came from and lived back to 500 years ago.

How it works?

First select a service, opt for a Health + Ancestry Service to fully understand your genetics. Then you’ll receive your kit, follow instructions and spit into the tube included. But before sending it back make sure you register the collection tube online. Now send the saliva sample and wait 6-8 weeks to get your results via email.

The day is finally here…Welcome to you!

Open your email and get a link to your results. You find out there is no chance of hereditary health conditions. You also found out that you are Neanderthal and are likely to get irritated after drinking coffee. And also discover that you are 50% Turkish, 25% African and 25% Portuguese. You are intrigued, fascinated and want to find out more.

The true you

Express the new you, change your home decor and add wildlife porcelain figurines, Persian rugs and Jorge Santos canvas replica.

Understand your genetics and find who else shares your DNA at 23andMe.

Uncover the mystery and opt in for the DNA Relatives feature, search through 23andMe members and find unknown relatives. Find first, second, and third cousins. Be stunned and even find other siblings you didn’t know you had. Next day you open your email don’t be surprised with an email from your unknown family members.

Make decor feel welcoming, inviting

Celebrate with others your new findings, make your new home decor welcoming and a chandelier and carved console tables. It’s a process, add new objects and furniture slowly. Also, save money and consider buying at thrift shops.

Go all over the world

Shed a new light, find the place you belong and get connected to the world. Maybe you’ll find other relatives in Turkey, Portugal and Libya.

Have no fear

Don’t fear showing the true you. For now, go bold and honest on your new home decor. Go for powerful and interesting colors for your walls, express yourself and have fun.

Spread the word around

Bring family and friends at home to share the “new you” discoveries you’ve learned from taking your 23andMe Health + Ancestry results. Consider gifting a kit to your loved ones and friends to let them discover who they truly are.

Go for a life changing experience; and learn about your DNA, traits, health and ancestors at  23andMe.